We live for vintage travel trailers, and for vintage travel, and for vintage trailer camping.
And gleefully, we want to share it all with you.

Nomad Mobile Motor Lodge was founded by residential architect and longtime vintage Airstream enthusiast Michael Vallen in January 2015. As the owner of two vintage Airstreams at the time (and former owner of a third), Michael envisioned Nomad as a business that would allow him to rent a small number of meticulously restored vintage Airstreams to individuals, groups and businesses at select locations in the mid-Atlantic region.


As he set about to build a foundation for Nomad, though, digging deep into the process of sourcing and restoring vintage trailers and building relationships with key partners, a clear picture of a set of wider, but closely related, opportunities began to emerge.

As a result, Michael has folded four key areas of focus into the Nomad concept to develop a year-round vintage trailer business that serves multiple customers:


Restore and rent.


Sourcing unrestored vintage travel trailers, restoring them as period-correct travel trailers but with modern amenities added for comfort, and putting them into service as rentals owned and operated by Nomad. Nomad uses mostly Airstream trailers because they're quintesentially American and instantly recognizable. But Michael has added an interesting range of very rare “SOB” trailers (“some other brand,” as Airstream enthusiasts like to say) that have wonderful backstories, and add variety to the selection process for Nomad customers.


Restoration, repair and finishing services.


Performing restoration, repair, system upgrade and finishing services on vintage trailers owned by third-party clients.


Source and restore to specification.


Sourcing unrestored vintage travel trailers and restoring them to end-user client specifications in a full-service, “source/design/build” package.


Premium specialty resale.


Resale of restored trailers, to include units from the rental fleet that someone has fallen head over heels in love with, as well as select trailers sourced specifically for their post-restoration market interest and resale value.



Nomad Mobile Motor Lodge is focused on two different but closely related things:


  1. The restoration of vintage travel trailers; and

  2. The creative return to service of those trailers in a variety of revenue-generating channels.


We bolded three terms above because each represents a core value to our business.


Vintage. We pursue trailers from a certain era – late 1940s to early 1960s – because we value the quality and ingenuity of the original designs, and we celebrate the optimism and sense of adventure that those trailers embodied at that time, and still do today. We are not alone. In recent years, vintage trailers have experienced an explosion in popularity in American popular culture, and across the globe.


Restoration. We do not “renovate” trailers, fitting them with all-modern interiors that mirror current trends in architecture and interior design. Rather, we restore the trailers to look and feel (inside and out) much the same as they did when they first hit the road, with the addition of some modern but unobtrusive conveniences such as air conditioning and audio/video systems. Many people have met with great success creating ultra-modern interiors inside of vintage trailer shells, with a huge “WOW” factor. We applaud their work, but in our approach, we definitely fall into the “only original once” category.


Creative Return-to-Service. “Creative reuse” is a common term in architecture and interior design. It involves taking an object, be it a wooden milk crate or an abandoned textile factory, and repurposing it, either as-found or after some alterations. Many people are doing this with vintage trailers, some with great success: food trucks, retail shops, mobile photo booths, hair and nail salons, etc. We aim not to reuse these vintage trailers in any old way that generates attention and makes money, but to return them to profitable service under their original purpose as travel trailers. That is the core of our business.

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